Our sessions will take place either on zoom or in person at


Aashna Counselling & Psychotherapy

1 Castle Mews, Castle Rd, London, N12 9EH


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book an initial consultation


Working Together

My priority is to create a shared confidential space, where you can make sense of your experiences, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

​ I believe relationships are at the heart of being human and our difficulties can be understood through exploring how we connect to ourselves and others around us. Thus, exploring the ebb and flow of our unique relationship will be central to the therapeutic effectiveness of our work together.

Using my skills, knowledge, intuition, humour and empathic challenge, I will support you in navigating your internal world and help you understand how you relate to people and your environment. I genuinely believe if you are ready to receive the structure and support you need, you can make a change.


Individual Therapy

​ Sessions will take place at a mutually agreed time and day, each week, for 50 mins. At our initial consultation, we can explore your reasons for seeking therapy and experience what our time together will be like.

I work both short and long term open-ended. Depending on your expectations, we will work together for an agreed amount of time and review our work periodically.

Couples Therapy

You may be stuck in unhelpful patterns of relating and could benefit from support in finding new ways to connect with each other. We will have an initial assessment, where we will agree on how best to work together and commit to a further six sessions. We can then review our work together and decide whether to continue for a longer period.

Next Steps

We can arrange to speak on the phone (for approx.15 mins), to initially connect and answer any questions you may have. If after our conversation we agree to proceed, we can book an initial assessment session.

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